Monday, July 03, 2006

Another day gone by...

22 days until the Bar...

Burned 450 calories at the gym
Worked on 60 MBE questions
Spent all night NOT studying

I checked my Simulated MBE score today. I about passed out when I saw my percentile rank. I think it is the lowest rank I have encountered in my life. With only 22 days left I'm beginning wonder whether I can cram everything in my head in time. I'm going to have to spend 8 hours a day or more to make up for lost points. They say 50 questions a day is good enough, but I think I'm going to have to do 120 (20 per subject) and at least 5 essay questions a day.

Tomorrow is July 4th. Just last summer I was at the beach at this time, with barely a care in the world. That's not entirely true...I was not working on a paper that I should have been working on. But then again I made an A so I suppose it didn't matter. This summer I am stressed out and scared. I'm going to Dallas tomorrow, even though I should just study all day. I need to spend a solid 8 hours on Wednesday. I may not make it if I don't.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The end is near

So the countdown has begun. Just 18 days until graduation. Although I can't really put to words my exact feelings about graduation, I can say I'm sick of people saying, "You're graduating soon. Are you excited?" No I am not excited. How can you excited about the prospect of studying for the bar, working 8-5, two weeks of vacation (if that) a year? I can honestly say I am anything but excited. It's okay....the feeling of impending doom and fear should pass once the bar is over. When is that again? Oh yeah -- exactly 3 months from today.

On a different note....I'm trying to lose weight. Well, I have been trying since the end of January. Although people comment often that I have lost weight, I can't help but feel depressed when I hear it. Why you ask? Because it means that even though I feel fat right now, I must have been even fatter before. I can't stand to look at myself in pictures. I saw one of myself from my freshman year in college, and I was like "Wow, I look good." Then I saw a picture of myself from last week and I thought, "Oh my God! I look like that!"

So I force myself to eat breakfast and plan my means. It's not always pleasant. I hate thinking about food. I also try to exercise, but with finals studying and the fact that I can't get myself to exercise in the morning I don't have time. So I just control what I eat, not too successfully, but there is one thing that is easy. I just drink water or hot tea, no juice, no soda (except for diet, but I hate diet), nothing that tastes good basically.

Breakfast: egg - 70 calories
2 pieces of whole grain wheat white toast - 150 calories
2 tbsp cranberry orange marmalade -- 90 calories

Estimating for the rest of the day

Lunch: Lean Cuisine -- 250 calories

Dinner: Lean Cuisine -- 280 calories

Snacks: Haven't determined that yet -- 200 calories

Total: 1040 calories

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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It's been soooo long

I can't believe that I haven't written anything since November. Now it's March, almost April. Graduation is fast approaching, I don't have a confirmation on a job yet, and the bar exam is just around the corner. Everything is coming to a head. And to add to that...I have bills to pay and I have weight to lose.

For two weeks I was on South Beach, and I did lose a few inches. Now I'm just watching what I eat in general. I eat a meal or two without carbs and limit my intake at the other meals. I don't drink beverages with calories, that means only diet sodas, water and tea for me. No alcohol...not as tough as I thought. I only drink when I go out to eat anyway. As for exercise...well that hasn't exactly started yet. I'm sure losing weight would happen much faster if I did exercise, but time is valuable. With my impending graduation and need for a job all I do in my off time is apply for jobs. So that will start once I hear back from a job.

So what will I eat for breakfast today...more eggs I guess.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

SuperDome Flooded

Nearly 20,000 sought shelter in the SuperDome in New Orleans, and now they are being evacuated to Houston's Astrodome. Inside the the SuperDome it is flooded, no electricity, and no running water. How they plan to get all those people out safely, who knows.

80% of new orleans is under water Posted by Picasa


The unimaginable happened...New Orleans is gone. 80% is under water, mass evacuations, looting, nothing really left. I have a lot of family in New Orleans. Several aunts and uncles and their families, my grandmother, a great uncle and great aunt, as well as numerous extended family (second cousins, etc). Fortunately they all evacuated in time and most are in Dallas right now with family.

My great aunt is completely bed ridden, almost comatose - her family almost stayed behind with her because leaving seemed impossible in her condition, but when they realized how bad it was going to be they fled to Shreveport. She can't stay there in her condition. Her neighborhood, just blocks away from my grandmother's house and one of my uncle's sits next to a bayou. In fact the bayou is in my grandmother's backyard. I'm almost certain it's underwater.

The levy from lake Ponchartrain broke and now estimates say that they won't return home for months. Its so strange, I was just there this summer and now -- millions are without homes. Hundreds dead. I can't even imagine what will happen to those who were not so fortunate - the 10,000 in the SuperDome who had no way to evacuate and now must leave. The individuals who chose to wait it out. The poor vastly outnumber the rich or even the middle class in New Orleans. What will they do?

My prayers go out to everyone affected by the hurricane. I urge everyone to lend their support and donate money to support the relief efforts.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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End of Summer

Okay so I haven't posted in a while. If you scroll down you will find some pics from the end of July. I went bowling with FFB, went to Dallas for some art and music (sadly no pics from Michael Buble concert), and went to my friends' wedding - Simon and Rachel.

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